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Cooperative Use
Cooperative Research Project
One of the main activities of the Center for Ecological research (CER) is Joint-Usage / Research Center whose aim is for promoting basic research and international cooperation in the field of ecology. CER is open to any scientists who conduct ecological research, and it offers exciting opportunities for research in a variety of areas in ecology. These include aquatic ecology, tropical ecology, plant-animal interaction, theoretical ecology, molecular analysis, and conservation ecology. Likewise, we support scientists by permitting access to our research database and encouraging scientific meetings and/or symposia on related research subjects.

If you intend to conduct some research(es) at CER, please identify at least one hosting CER professor, discuss with her/him for preparation of research plan, download an application form by clicking below, appropriately fulfill it and send the fulfilled application form to (Prof. Nakano). We are looking forward to having your application.

Application form

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