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Graduate School guidance
Graduate school of Science and Faculty of Science, Kyoto University

The Faculty of Science originated in the College of Science and Engineering established in 1897 at the foundation of the University. Each department was established gradually, and at present the Faculty comprises the following ten departments:

Department of Mathematics
Department of Physics I
Department of Physics II
Department of Astronomy
Department of Geophysics
Department of Geology and Mineralogy
Department of Chemistry
Department of Zoology
Department of Botany
Department of Biophysics

  In 1953 the Graduate School was established, and after the reorganization from the Faculty to the Graduate School in 1995, it now comprises the following five Divisions:

Mathematics and Mathematical Analysis
Physics and Astronomy
Earth and Planetary Science
Biological Sciences
            Systematic Zoology
            Animal Ecology
            Developmental Biology and Genome Biology
            Radiation Biology
            Physical Anthropology
            Human Evolution Studies
            Center for Ecological Research
            adiation Life Science
            Seto Marine Biological Laboratory
            Plant Physiology
            Developmental Genetics and Cell Biology
            Plant Systematics and Evolutionary Botany
            Plant Molecular Biology
            Plant Molecular Genetics
            The Center for Ecological Research
            The Kyoto University Museum

  The aim of the Faculty of Science and the Graduate School of Science is to perform original and creative research advancing the development of the natural sciences. It also offers high quality teaching and education on a basis of the broadly based and in - depth studies. It ensures that students develop their research potential and acquire professional skills.

  The Division of Biological Sciences consists of Departments of Zoology, Botany, Biophysics and Primatology. Applicants to the Center for Ecological Research may apply either to the Department of Zoology or the Department of Botany.

Schedule of Graduate Entrance Examination
The schedule for new academic year is subject to change. Applicants are advised to contact the administration office concerned.

Master's Programs
Self-supporting foreign students should pass the same entrance examination written in Japanese.
Entrance examination is held early Aug.
An applicant should ask for an application packet at the administration office (Daiichi Kyoumu Kakari) in early June.

Doctoral Programs
Contact the professor you wish to study under and obtain his/her agreement.
Entrance examination is held late Jan.?`late Feb.

Scholarships for Self Supported Students
 Scholarship may be available for those who got high score in Nihon Ryugaku Shiken or Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU).
Go to JASSO webiste ( for more details.
Various scholarship opportunities for self-supporting students are available after admission as well. Go to 'JASSO / Guide to Scholarship' ( for more details.
Non-Degree Admissions
The following routes are also available if you are not seeking for a degree.
1.Short Term Students Exchange Agreement
Exchange students from Kyoto University's academic exchange partner institutions may take classes at Kyoto University for one or two semester for non-degree purpose. Tuition may be waived. Ask your school for more details.
2.KUINEP ( )(Kyoto University INternational Education Program)
Lectures are provided in English through the International Center.
Admission is only open for registered students of our partner institutions. 
Contact your home institution for more information.
3.Research Students (Kenkyu-sei)
Each department/lab may accept students at post-graduate level for non-degree purpose when space is available.
Interested students should contact the faculty member you with to conduct research with. You may be admitted to degree seeking courses later.
Academic exchange partner institutions

As for addmitions guide and scholorships, consult "ADMISSIONS GUIDE for INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS", which can be downloaded from[1].pdf
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