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Members (updated on 28th April, 2017)

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Name Title Research Theme Phone
Keyword E-mail Address
Shin-ichi NAKANO Director
Structure and function of aquatic food webs +81-77-549-8239
Limnetic environment, Microorganisms, Plankton, Biofilm, Matter cycling nakano [at]
Atsushi YAMAUCHI Vice Director
Mathematical ecology +81-77-549-8259
Population management, Evolutionary biology a-yama [at]
Atsushi ISHIDA Professor Plant ecophysiology, Tree physiology +81-77-549-8233
Water relations, Photosynthesis, Drought, Photoinhibition, Changing environment, Invasion trees, Forest function, Tropical forest atto [at]
Keisuke KOBA Professor Ecosystems ecology, Isotope ecology +81-77-549-8256
Stable isotopes, Nutrient dynamics, Oxic-anoxic interface, Greenhouse gases, Nitrogen saturation, Nutrient cycle, Resources competition keikoba [at]
Hiroshi KUDOH Professor Molecular ecology of plant adaptation +81-77-549-8255
Molecular phenology, Population biology, Phenotypic plasticity, Local adaptation, Speciation, Brassicaceae kudoh [at]
Junji TAKABAYASHI Professor Tritrophic interactions consisting of plants, herbivorous arthropods and carnivorous natural enemies of herbivores +81-77-549-8235
Chemical ecology, Tritrophic interactions, Infochemicals junji [at]
Yoshikuni HODOKI Associate Professor Microbial ecology, Phycology +81-77-549-8258
Algal bloom, Cyanobacteria, Cyanotoxin, Salt marsh plants, Conservation hodoki [at]
Atsushi KAWAKITA Associate Professor Ecological and evolutionary studies on plant-insect interaction +81-77-549-8264
Pollination, Herbivory, Natural history, Mutualism, Speciation, Diversification kawakita [at]
Shoko SAKAI Associate Professor Plant ecology, Tropical ecology +81-77-549-8260
Borneo, General flowering, Phenology, Pollinator ecology, Ecosystem services shokosakai [at]
Hirokazu TOJU Associate Professor   +81-77-549-8234
coevolution, ecosystem design, networks, animals, fungi toju [at]
Hiromi UNO Associate Professor species interactions in natural landscape +81-77-549-8252
food web, resource flux, migration, behavior, phenology, stream, riparian forest hiromiuno1 [at]
Shigeo YACHI Associate Professor Theoretical ecology, Global environmental studies +81-77-549-8257
Model, Ecosystem and biodiversity, Social-ecological system, Global change, Watershed management, Lake Biwa watershed yachi [at]
Masato YAMAMICHI Assistant Professor Mathematical ecology, Population ecology, Population genetics +81-77-549-8236
Eco-evolutionary Feedbacks, Predation, Adaptation, Speciation, Ecological genomics yamamichi [at]

Collaborative Researchers

Name Title Affiliation E-mail address
Ichiro TAYASU Professor RIHN ichirotayasu [at]
Noboru OKUDA Associate Professor RIHN nokuda [at]
Masayuki USHIO Researcher CER(+81-77-549-8250) ushio [at]

Program-specific Researchers

Name Title Phone E-mail address
Chitose KAMI Program-specific researcher +81-77-549-8213 chitosekami [at]
Tomoaki MURANAKA Program-specific researcher +81-77-549-8214 muranaka [at]
Haruki NISHIO Program-specific researcher +81-77-549-8215 hnishio [at]


Name Title Phone E-mail address
Akira MATSUMOTO Technician +81-77-549-8221 matumoto [at]
Yukiko GODA Technician +81-77-549-8221 ygoda [at]
Satomi YOSHINAMI Technician +81-77-549-8221 yoshinami-s [at]


Name Title Phone E-mail address
Komei KADOWAKI CER PostDoc +81-77-549-8214 kadowaki [at]
Toshitaka SUZUKI CER PostDoc +81-77-549-8214 [at]
Shoko TSUJI CER PostDoc +81-77-549-8020 shokotsuji [at]
Tetsuji AKATSUKA PostDoc +81-77-549-8221 akatsuka [at]
Biva ARYAK PostDoc    
Radha DEVKOTA ADHIKARI PostDoc +81-77-549-8240  
Naoko EMURA PostDoc +81-77-549-8214 emura [at]
Mie HONJO PostDoc +81-77-549-8214 mhonjo [at]
Noboru KATAYAMA PostDoc +81-77-549-8551 n-kata [at]
Indranil MUKHERJEE PostDoc +81-77-549-8018 indranil [at]
Yoshitaka NAKASHIMA PostDoc +81-77-549-8213 nksm [at]
Haruki NISHIO PostDoc +81-77-549-8018 hnishio [at]
Kako OHBAYASHI PostDoc +81-77-549-8214 kakoh [at]
Junichi OKANO PostDoc +81-77-549-8213 j.oj.o55222 [at]
Rika OZAWA PostDoc +81-77-549-8213 ozawar [at]
Jiro SUGISAKA PostDoc +81-77-549-8213 sugisaka [at]
Kaoru TSUJI PostDoc +81-77-549-8213 tsuji [at]
Eiji YANO PostDoc +81-77-549-8213 yano [at]
Tasuku ITO JSPS PostDoc +81-77-549-8214 tasuku [at]
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