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Scholarship is not a weapon of war
Scholarship is not a tool of business
Scholarship is not a servant of power

(from Manifesto of "Kyoto University Campaign for Freedom and Peace")

  • International Symposium
  • Advances in Theory of Species Interactions:

    Linking Individual Behavior, Population Processes and Community Dynamics

    Date: June 18-19, 2012
    Venue: Seminar House of Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University
    Organizer: Toshiyuki Namba (Osaka Prefecture University), Atsushi Yamauchi (Kyoto University)

  • Where is here ?

  • Here is Center for Ecological Research (CER), Kyoto University in JAPAN.
    The Center locates at Otsu city in Siga prefecture.

  • Who am I ?
  • I am Atsushi Yamauchi, PhD,
    a professor of Center for Ecological Research, Kyoto University.

    My specialties are Mathematical Ecology.

  • My Introduction
  • Original Papers

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