Yamauchi's Original Papers

My papers often include mistakes. Please see Erratum

(1) Optimal seasonal timing of univoltine and bivoltine insects.
Iwasa, Y., A. Yamauchi and S. Nozoe. 1992. (Ecological Research, 7:55-62)

(2) Theory of intraspecific nest parasitism in birds. abstract
Yamauchi, A. 1993. (Animal Behaviour, 46:335-345)

(3) A population dynamic model of the Batesian mimicry. abstract
Yamauchi, A. 1993. (Researches on Population Ecology, 35:295-315)

(4) Theory of evolution of nest parasitism in birds. abstract
Yamauchi, A. 1995. (The American Naturalist, 145:434-456)

(5) Coupling of fermentation and foraging strategies of herbivor mammals. abstract
Yamauchi, A. and Y. Iwasa. 1995. (Journal of Theoretical Biology, 172:1-11)

(6) Optimal escapement policy with imprecise recruit estimation.
Yamauchi, A. and Y. Matsumiya. 1996. (Fisheries Science, 62:35-39)

(7) Theory of mast reproduction in plants: Storage size dependent strategy. abstract
Yamauchi, A. 1996. (Evolution, 50:1795-1807)

(8) Population dynamics and fishery policy for migratory resources with two migration paths.
Yamauchi, A. and Y. Matsumiya. 1997. (Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science, 54:2303-2313)

(9) Optimal age-dependent sustainable harvesting of natural resource populations: Sustainability value.
Yamauchi, A., Y. Matsumiya and Y. Iwasa. 1997. (Researches on Population Ecology, 39:139-148)

(10) Reproductive value, harvest value, and impact multiplier as indicators for maximum sustainable fisheries.
Matsuda, H, A. Yamauchi, Y. Matsumiya and T. Yamakawa. 1999. (Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, 2:129-146)

(11) Evolution of cyclic sexual reproduction under host-parasite interactions.
Yamauchi, A. 1999. (Journal of Theoretical Biology, 201:281-291)

(12) Population persistent time under intermittent control in stochastic environment.
Yamauchi, A. 2000. (Theoretical Population Biology, 57:391-398)

(13) Theory of resource allocation strategy in territorial male tropical reef fishes.
Yamauchi, A. 2000. (Journal of Ethology, 18:115-121)

(14) Facultative sexual reproduction under frequency-dependent selection on a single locus.
Yamauchi, A. and Y. Kamite. 2003. (Journal of Theoretical Biology, 221:411-424)

(15) Factors affecting binary sex evolution with respect to avoidance of vertical transmission of deleterious intracellular parasites.
Yamauchi, A. 2003. (Journal of Theoretical Biology, 222:505-515)

(16) Herbivory promotes plant production and reproduction in nutrient-poor conditions: Effects of plant adaptive phenology.
Yamauchi, A. and N. Yamamura. 2004. (The American Naturalist, 163:138-153)

(17) Triploid bridge and role of parthenogenesis in the evolution of autopolyploidy.
Yamauchi, A. , A. Hosokawa, H. Nagata and M. Shimoda. 2004. (The American Naturalist, 164:101-112)

(18) Effects of defense evolution and optimal diet choice on population dynamics in a one-predator-two-prey system.
Yamauchi, A. and N. Yamamura. 2005. (Ecology, 86:2513-2524)

(19) Rate of gene transfer from mitochondria to nucleus: Effects of cytoplasmic inheritance system and intensity of intracellular competition.
Yamauchi, A. 2005. (Genetics, 171:1387-1396)

(20) Persistence conditions of symmetric social hybridogenesis in haplo-diploid Hymenoptera.
Yamauchi, A. and N. Yamamura. 2006. (Journal of Theoretical Biology, 240:24-31)

(21) Formulation of competition between sexual and selfing forms (comment).
Yamauchi, A. 2006. (Evolution, 60:1952-1953)

(22) Optimal phenology of annual plants under grazing pressure.
Yamamura, N., N. Fujita, M. Hayashi, Y. Nakamura and A. Yamauchi. 2007. (Journal of Theoretical Biology, 246:530-537)
(A.Y. is a corresponding author)

(23) Theory of grazing optimization in which herbivory improves photosynthetic ability.
Hayashi, M., N. Fujita and A. Yamauchi. 2007. (Journal of Theoretical Biology, 248:367-376)
(A.Y. is a corresponding author)

(24) An overlooked side effect of nest scattering behavior to decrease predation risk (Acari; Tetranychidae, Stigmaeidae).
Saito, Y., A. R. Chittenden, K. Mori, K. Ito and A. Yamauchi. 2008. (Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 63:33-42)

(25) Intraspecific niche flexibility facilitates species coexistence in a competitive community with a fluctuating environment.
Yamauchi, A. and T. Miki. 2009. (Oikos, 118:55-66)

(26) Stochastic tunneling in the colonization of mutualistic organisms: Primary succession by mycorrhizal plants.
Yamauchi, A., T. Nishida and T. Ohgushi. 2009. (Journal of Theoretical Biology, 261:74-82)

(27) Fishing effects on age and spatial structures undermine population stability of fishes.
Hsieh, C.-H., A. Yamauchi, T. Nakazawa and W.-F. Wang. 2010. (Aquatic Sciences, 72:165-178)

(28) Optimal defense schedule of annual plants against seasonal herbivores.
Takahashi, D. and A. Yamauchi. 2010. (The American Naturalist, 175:538-550)

(29) Evolution of cytoplasmic sex ratio distorters: effect of paternal transmission.
Yamauchi, A., A. Telschow and Y. Kobayashi. 2010. (Journal of Theoretical Biology, 266:79-87)

(30) Joint evolution of sex ratio and reproductive group size under local mate competition with inbreeding depression.
Yamauchi, A. and Y. Kobayashi. 2011. (Journal of Theoretical Biology, 270:127-133)

(31) Mathematical model of colonization process of mycorrhizal plants: Effect of interaction between plants with fungi.
Yamauchi, A., T. Nishida and T. Ohgushi. 2011. (Journal of Plant Interactions, 6:129-132)

(32) Bistability of endosymbiont evolution of genome size and host sex control.
Yamauchi, A. and A. Telschow. 2012. (Journal of Theoretical Biology, 309:58-66)

(33) Evolution of masting with intermittence and synchronization under the enhancements of fertility and survival.
Yamauchi, A., Y. Shirahama and Y. Kobayashi. 2013. (Theoretical Ecology, 6:505-518)

(34) Abrupt community transitions and cyclic evolutionary dynamics in complex food webs.
Takahashi, D., A. Brannstrom, R. Mazzucco, A. Yamauchi and U. Dieckmann. 2013. (Journal of Theoretical Biology, 337:181-189)

(35) Dynamics of predator and modular prey: Effects of module consumption on stability of prey-predator system.
Yamauchi, A. and T. Namba. 2014. (Oikos, 123:161-172)

(36) Relationship between aggregation of rewards and the possibility of polymorphism in continuous snowdrift games.
Ito, K., H. Ohtsuki and A. Yamauchi. 2015. (Journal of Theoretical Biology, 372:47-53)

(37) Environmental variation does not always promote plasticity: Evolutionarily realized reaction norm for costly plasticity.
Yamauchi, A. and D. Takahashi. 2015. (Evolutionary Ecology Research, 16:631-647)

(38) Cry-wolf signals emerging from coevolutionary feedbacks in a tritrophic system.
Yamauchi, A., M. van Baalen, Y. Kobayashi, J. Takabayashi, K. Shiojiri and M. W. Sabelis. 2015. (Proceedings of the Royal Society series B, 282:20152169, DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2015.2169)
-- We dedicate this publication to the memory of M. W. Sabelis

(39) Measuring epistasis in fitness landscapes: The correlation of fitness effects of mutations.
Ferretti, L., B. Schmiegelt, D. Weinreich, A. Yamauchi, Y. Kobayashi, F. Tajima and G. Achaz. 2016. (Journal of Theoretical Biology, 396:132-143, DOI: 10.1016/j.jtbi.2016.01.037)

(40) Life history traits and exploitation affect the spatial mean-variance relationship in fish abundance.
Kuo, T.-C., S. Mandal, A. Yamauchi and C.-H. Hsieh. 2016. (Ecology, 97:1251-1259, DOI: 10.1890/15-1270.1)

(41) The evolution of cooperation by negotiation in a noisy world.
Ito, K., J. M. McNamara, A. Yamauchi and A. D. Higginson. 2017. (Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 30: 603-615, DOI: 10.1111/jeb.13030)

(42) Joint evolution of interspecific mutualism and regulation of variation of interaction under directional selection in trait space.
Yamauchi, A. 2017. (Theoretical Ecology, 10:477-491, DOI 10.1007/s12080-017-0343-2)

(43) Spatial patterns generated by simultaneous cooperation and exploitation favour the evolution of altruism.
Yamauchi, A., M. van Baalen and M. W. Sabelis. 2018. (Journal of Theoretical Biology, 441:58-67, DOI: 10.1016/j.jtbi.2017.12.027)
-- We dedicate this publication to the memory of M. W. Sabelis

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