Research Topics

General Flowering

General flowering is a community-wide masting phenomenon, so far documented only in aseasonal tropical forests in Asia. Together with many collaborators, I study the proximate and ultimate factors that influence general flowering and its consequences for plants, animals and forest ecosystems, mainly in Lambir Hills National Park, Borneo.

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Plants and Pollinators

Many plants depend on animals, mostly insects, for pollination. Plant-pollinator mutualisms form complex networks of interdependence. Understanding the architecture of these networks is important for conservation of biodiversity and management of ecosystem services.

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People and forests of Borneo

Most ecosystems on the planet have been seriously degraded by human activities and are now in critical condition. We still do not have a clear perspective on solving these problems, however, owing to the complexity of ecosystems and human societies and their interactions.

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Prospective Students

Students interested in working on the ecology and evolution of plant reproduction are welcome to contact me regarding graduate work.