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My study subjects are Japanese macaques in Yakushima, a southern island in Japan and diurnal primates in Sabah, a Malaysian state of Borneo. In both studies, my primary interest is the way animals interact with their environment. Ultimately, I would like to link the studies of these two sites, bridge between temperate and tropical primate ecologies, and depict a large picture of primate-forest interactions over the world.

In the studies of Japanese macaques, I have studied the effect of their habitat from the viewpoint of population ecology, feeding ecology and conservation ecology. Although primate-forest relationship is a hot topic in the current tropical ecology, relevant data is still deficient in temperate regions. One of the goals of my study is to clarify what kind of adaptation is required for primates to survive in temperate regions, which is a marginal habitat for primates.

In the studies of Bornean primates, my primary interest is the mechanism of coexistence of primate communities, under the effect of mast fruiting, a phenomenon unique to Southeast Asian tropical rain forests.


Determinants of primate density
Feeding and behavioral ecology of Japanese macaques in the coniferous forest of Yakushima
Relationships with primates and other organisms
Ecological adaptations of temperate primates
Community ecology of primates in Southeast Asian tropics: effect of mast fruiting
Gut microbe
Other studies

Topics of the graduate students

Miku Minamikawa (April 2023-, master student)
Fermentation ability of the gut microbiome of the great apes and Japanese macaques

Fumiya Kakuta (April 2023-, master student)
Nectar-feeding by Japanese macaques and its effect on the reproduction of camellia

Saki Izumi (April 2024-, master student)

Topics of the past graduate students

Akiko Sawada (April 2007-May 2012, DSc)
Experimental study on the digestion of Japanese macaques
Mycophagy of Japanese macaques in Yakushima

Yosuke Otani (April 2009-July 2014, DSc)
Life history of male Japanese macaques in Yakushima
Ecology of pig-tailed macaques in Borneo

Asuka Hamada (April 2011-March 2013, MSc)
Frugivore assembledge of figs in Yakushima

Yosuke Kurihara (April 2012-March 2017, DSc)
Comparisons of feeding behavior of two different-sized groups of Japanese macaques in Yakushima

Akie Miyata (April 2013-March 2015, MSc)
Distribution of Japanese macaques in Yakushima

Takeaki Honda (April 2015-March 2022, MSc)
Ecology of Japanese macaques around the summit of Yakushima

Izumi Nakamura (April 2016-March 2018, MSc)
Food selection of Japanese macaques in Yakushima

Wanyi Lee (April 2017-March 2022, DSc)
Gut microbe of Japanese macaques

Tianmeng He (Octber 2017-September 2022, DSc)
Chewing efficiency of Japanese macaques

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