Center for Ecological Research, Kyoto University



  • 2017-10-18 Press
    -Obligate Pollination Mutualism, M. Kato & A. Kawakita (eds.) Springer
  • 2017-09-27 Recruitment
    -Recruitment of invited researchers for FY2018 is now open.
    Recruitment period:from 27 September to 30 November
  • 2017-08-03 Press
    -Wild birds use an ordering rule to decode novel call sequences.Current Biology
  • 2017-07-20 Press

    -Fine-scale frequency differentiation along a herbivory gradient in the trichome dirmorphism of a wild Arabidopsis. Ecology and Evolution and 2 other papers

  • 2017-06-14 Press

    -Environmental DNA enables detection of terrestrial mammals from forest pond water. Molecular Ecology Resources and 2 other papers

  • 2017-06-09 Press

    -How two specialist butterflies determine growth and biomass of a shared host plant? Population Ecology and 2 other papers

  • 2017-06-07 Press

    -Roles of maternal effects in maintaining genetic variation: Maternal storage effect. Evolution and 4 other papers

  • 2017-05-12
    New CER English website is now opened!