Center for Ecological Research, Kyoto University


History and Organization


1914.9.25 Establishment of Hydrobiological Station, Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto Imperial University
1922.4.1 Reorganized as Otsu Hydrobiological Station (OHS), Faculty of Science, Kyoto Imperial University
1964.4.1 Establishment of Plant Ecological Research Station (PERS), Faculty of Science, Kyoto University
1991.4.12 Merger of OHS and PERS to form a new research institution, Center for Ecological Research (CER)
1998.8.1 Completion of and moving to a new laboratory building at Seta, Otsu.
2001.4.1 Establishment of partnership with Research Institute for Humanity and Nature.
2004.4.1 Incorporation of Kyoto University as a national university corporation
2010.4.1 Designated as Joint Usage/Collaborative Research Center for Ecology and Biodiversity Sciences by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology