Center for Ecological Research, Kyoto University


Members (updated on 25th April, 2024)

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(Z), (B), (PW) after each faculty member's name indicate that faculty member's discipline is Zoology (Ecological Science Ⅰ), Botany (Ecological Science Ⅱ), Primatology and Wildlife Science (Ecological Science Ⅲ).
Name Title Research Theme Phone
Keyword E-mail Address
Shin-ichi NAKANO (Z) Director
Structure and function of aquatic food webs +81-77-549-8239
Limnetic environment, Microorganisms, Plankton, Biofilm, Matter cycling nakano [at] 
Keisuke KOBA (Z) Vice Director
Ecosystems ecology, Isotope ecology +81-77-549-8256
Stable isotopes, Nutrient dynamics, Oxic-anoxic interface, Greenhouse gases, Nitrogen saturation, Nutrient cycle, Resources competition keikoba [at] 
Atsushi ISHIDA (B) Professor Plant ecophysiology, Tree physiology +81-77-549-8233
Water relations, Photosynthesis, Drought, Photoinhibition, Changing environment, Invasion trees, Forest function, Tropical forest atto [at] 
Hiroshi KUDOH (B) Professor Molecular ecology of plant adaptation +81-77-549-8255
Molecular phenology, Population biology, Phenotypic plasticity, Local adaptation, Speciation, Brassicaceae kudoh [at] 
Akira YAMAO (B) Professor Evolutionary community ecology focused on environmental responses in plants, Effects of macroevolution in mycorrhizal symbiosis on biological evolution and ecosystems +81-77-549-8235
Biological interactions, evolution, community, mutualism, biodiversity, Plant defense yamao.akira.2j [at] 
Atsushi YAMAUCHI (B) Professor Mathematical ecology +81-77-549-8259
Population management, Evolutionary biology a-yama [at] 
Goro HANYA (PW) Associate Professor Feeding ecology, Tropical ecology, Population ecology +81-568-63-0542
Primates, Tropical rain forest, Gut microbe, Nutritional ecology, Mast fruiting, Yakushima, Borneo hanya.goro.5z [at] 
Yumiko HIGUCHI (B) Associate Professor Ecology and Evolution of leaf morphology, Plant-herbivore interactions +81-77-549-8257
Plant morphology, Biological interactions, Animal behavior, Plant-manipulating insects, Plant defense, Wild plants higuchi.yumiko.6j [at] 
Mie N. HONJO (B) Associate Professor Molecular ecology of biological interaction +81-77-549-8264
Plant ecology, Viral ecology, Coexistence mechanism, RNA-seq, Epigenetics, Defense mechanism mhonjo [at] 
Takuya SATO (Z) Associate Professor Community ecology, Parasitology, Population genomics +81-77-549-8268
Nematomorph, Salmonid fish, Host manipulation, Community phenology, Ecosystem intereaction tsato [at] 
Shigeo YACHI (Z) Associate Professor Theoretical ecology, Global environmental studies +81-77-549-8236
Model, Ecosystem and biodiversity, Social-ecological system, Global change, Watershed management, Lake Biwa watershed yachi [at] 
Yurie OTAKE (Z) Assistant Professor Ecology and evolution of freshwater zooplankton, Paleolimnology +81-77-549-8262
zooplankton, Limnology, retrospective, long-term dynamics, image database, induced defense otake.yurie.3n [at] 
Hiroyuki TANAKA (PW) Assistant Professor Molecular phylogeography, Conservation genetics +81-568-63-0394
Mitochondrial DNA, Microsatellite DNA, Macaques, Langurs, Slow loris, Sri Lanka tanaka.hiroyuki.6c [at] 

Collaborative Researchers

Name Title Affiliation E-mail address
Kiwako S. ARAKI Lecturer Department of Ecosystem Studies, School of Environmental Science, the University of Shiga Prefecture [at] 
Haruki NISHIO Assistant Professor Data Science and AI Innovation Research Promotion Center, Shiga University haruki-nishio [at] 


Name Title Phone E-mail address
Akira MATSUMOTO Technician +81-77-549-8221 matumoto [at]
Yukiko GODA Technician +81-77-549-8221 ygoda [at]
Satomi YOSHINAMI Technician +81-77-549-8221 yoshinami-s [at]


Name Title Phone E-mail address
Tetsuji AKATSUKA PostDoc +81-77-549-8221 akatsuka [at]
Saori FURUKAWA PostDoc +81-77-549-8200 (CER) sfurukawa [at]
Akiko GOTO PostDoc +81-77-549-8200 (CER) akigoto [at]
Satoko IIDA PostDoc +81-77-549-8200 (CER) iida.satoko.7w [at]
Mito IKEMOTO PostDoc +81-77-549-8200 (CER) ikemototo [at]
Ayano MEDO PostDoc +81-77-549-8200 (CER) medo.ayano [at]
Kenta MORIYA PostDoc +81-77-549-8200 (CER) moriya [at]
Takanori NISHINO PostDoc +81-77-549-8200 (CER) 1md10119w [at]
Takayuki OHGUSHI PostDoc +81-77-549-8200 (CER) ohgushi [at]
Rika OZAWA PostDoc +81-77-549-8200 (CER) ozawar [at]
Hanako SHIMIZU PostDoc +81-77-549-8200 (CER) shimizuhanako [at]
Jiro SUGISAKA PostDoc +81-77-549-8200 (CER) sugisaka [at]
Rui UEDA PostDoc +81-77-549-8200 (CER) r.ueda [at]
Takumi YOKOMIZO PostDoc +81-77-549-8200 (CER) yokomizo [at]
Naofumi YOSHIDA PostDoc +81-77-549-8200 (CER) yoshida.naofumi.8t [at]
Genki YUMOTO PostDoc +81-77-549-8200 (CER) hrs7656 [at]
Masato ONO JSPS PostDoc +81-77-549-8200 (CER) masato.ono.nkk [at]
Naoto SHINOHARA JSPS PostDoc +81-77-549-8200 (CER) naoto.shinohara [at]
Mengqi JIANG JSPS PostDoc +81-77-549-8200 (CER) mqjiang [at]