Center for Ecological Research, Kyoto University


Invited Researchers

The Center for Ecological Research (CER) is recruiting annual Invited Researchers (visiting professors, visiting associate professors and visiting research scholars) who stay at the Center from overseas for 3 months to 1 year and conduct research on ecology (maximum 3 people) collaborating with CER faculty members. The recruitment period is about two months from the end of September to the end of November.

Recruitment of Invited Researchers for FY2022

*Recruitment period:from 17 September to 15 November, 2021.

(Recruitment for stay during the period between April 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023)

If you have interest in the position, you are requested to read the application guidelines for FY2022 in the following(PDF), and contact a faculty member at CER with whom you wish to collaborate prior to submitting your application. You can see a list of potential host scientists at the CER on the CER member page.

*Application Guidelines for FY2022(PDF:140kB)
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please be aware that the invitation schedule is subject to change or cancellation depending on COVID-19 situation.

List of past Invited Researchers (FY2001-FY2021)

(In the following, honorific titles are omitted.)

2001       J. Kikkawa
2002       田 萬植,  B. W. Brook
2003       F. Rassoulzadegan,  M. W. Sabelis,  T. C. Maximov
2004       A. Telschow,  J. N. McNeil
2005       M. W. Sabelis,  T. C. Balser,  F. Rassoulzadegan
2006       J. N. McNeil,  謝 志豪(C. Hsieh)
2007       T. P. Craig,  D. N. E. Calas,  M. W. Sabelis
2008       A. Telschow
2009       F. Rassoulzadegan,  M. W. Sabelis,  N. Behera
2010       M. Maffei,  F. Rassoulzadegan
2011       K. Marhold,  S. J. Plaistow,  R. Li
2012       K. Marhold,  謝志豪(C. Hsieh),  M. W. Sabelis,  F. Rassoulzadegan
2013       A. Hernandez-lopez,  R. P. Shefferson,  T. K. Kar,  E. J. Cooper
2014       J. J. Piggott,  J. K. Bailey,  H. F. Rakotomanana
2015       W. A. N. Dodd,  K. Shimizu,  A. K. Valtonen
2016       T. P. Craig
2017       L. I. Falcon Alvarez, T. K. Kar
2018       菅野陽一郎(Y. Kanno), A. Popradit, E. A. Hobbie, B. Aryal
2019       Y. Liu, E. A. Hobbie, C. L. Weilhoefer
2020       (couldn't invite because of covid-19)
2021       R. Karban, K. J. Cho, S. Metelmann