Center for Ecological Research, Kyoto University


Research Areas (updated on 1st October, 2022)

Here, we will introduce the main research fields (themes) of the Center for Ecology Research and which faculty members are mainly involved.

(Z), (B), (PW) after each faculty member's name indicate that faculty member's discipline is Zoology, Botany, Primatology and Wildlife Science. Clicking on the name will lead to the home page of each faculty member's laboratory.

Biodiversity Ecology

In nature, a number of species form entangled webs of interactions. We focus on such webs (networks) of species interactions to elucidate the mechanisms that maintain and create biodiversity. Based on interdisciplinary approaches integrating fieldwork, molecular biology, and theoretical ecology, we explore ways for conserving biodiversity and restoring natural ecosystems.

Faculty: Takuya SATO (Z), Hirokazu TOJU (Z)


Environmental Ecology

Biological organisms and/or ecosystems show various responses to environmental changes, and vice versa. In "Anthropocene", the present time with remarkable deterioration of natural environments through human activities, understanding the interactions among biological organisms, ecosystems and environments is crucial for human well-being. We have been conducting studies on the investigation, assessment and conservation of ecosystem and/or biodiversity for our sustainable use of natural resources.

Faculty: Shin-ichi NAKANO (Z) , Atsushi ISHIDA (B) , Shoko SAKAI (B) , Goro HANYA (PW) , Hiroyuki TANAKA (PW)


Theoretical Ecology

Targeting various phenomena related to evolution, ecology, and human activities in the global ecosystem, we aim to elucidate the patterns of phenomena and the mechanisms that cause them, mainly through theoretical considerations based on mathematical models and simulations.

Faculty: Shigeo YACHI (Z) , Atsushi YAMAUCHI (B)


Molecular Ecology

We are working on various ecological phenomena by utilizing techniques such as stable isotopic ratio and molecular analysis. Such new techniques reveal environment fluctuation, material flow, their mechanisms, or genetic basis of ecological phenomena that cannot be seen by ordinary methods. We are opening up new frontiers of ecological studies.

Faculty: Keisuke KOBA (Z) , Hirohi KUDOH (B) , Mie HONJYO (B)