Center for Ecological Research, Kyoto University



Graduate School Admission to study at CER

CER hosts graduate students enrolled in the Graduate School of Science (Department of Botany and Division of Biological Sciences). Those who wish to enroll as a master’s or doctoral student must pass the entrance examination of the Graduate School of Science. Before submitting an application, please consult with the CER faculty who would supervise your research.

Each faculty member belongs to either the Department of Botany or Department of Zoology as listed below.


Keisuke Koba (Ecosystems ecology, Isotope ecology)
Shin-ichi Nakano (Structure and function of aquatic food webs)
Hirokazu Toju (Biological interaction, Biodiversity)
Shigeo Yachi (Theoretical ecology, Global environmental studies)


Atsushi Ishida (Plant ecophysiology, Tree physiology)
Hiroshi Kudoh (Molecular ecology of plant adaptation)
Junji Takabayashi (Tritrophic interactions consisting of plants, herbivorous arthropods and carnivorous natural enemies of herbivores)
Atsushi Yamauchi (Mathematical ecology)
Shoko Sakai (Plant ecology, Tropical ecology)
Mie Honjyo (Molecular ecology of biological interaction)

Admission Guide to Science, Kyoto University is available at a webpage of Graduate School of Science.

Non-Degree Admissions

CER also accepts students at post-graduate level for non-degree purpose. Interested students should directly contact the CER faculty member you wish to conduct research with.